Water MonitoringFor Today's Reality

Waterkeys® is the practical and cost-effective toolset to build informational connectivity for decentralized water systems to help solve the world’s water problems.

We believe in going above and beyond for water administrators by providing unparalleled value across all our service offerings.

Waterkeys® Solutions

IoT Technology for Safer Water

By easily linking water management with IoT technology, Waterkeys® adds intelligence to existing “low IQ” water systems.

Noninvasive, Interconnected Systems

Waterkeys® offers a low-cost and noninvasive system that interconnects existing fragmented water systems to benefit communities struggling to provide clean, safe water for everyone.

Industries We Serve

Waterkeys® serves many industries around the world looking to monitor water safely and to preserve and protect interconnected water assets.

We can help your agriculture business grow the right way
If you are nonprofit, a turnkey solution to your monitoring needs is vital
Monitoring your oil or gas project is key for efficiency and savings, find out how
Conserving precious water is of utmost importance on a local and global scale.
Waterkeys is ideal for any water municipality needs.