About Waterkeys

Clean water is a fundamental human need and should be accessible to all.

Clean water is a fundamental human need and should be accessible to all. Yet here we are in the age of self-driving cars and missions to Mars, facing a dire and seemingly doomed global water crisis. Currently, countries across the world are responding to a thirst problem – relying on short term fixes rather than long term innovative solutions. Waterkeys® was created to deliver that sustainable solution, by allowing water to be managed in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

The Waterkeys® story began when our co-founder and leader, Joe, was inspired to determine whether there was something he could do to help. One conversation led to another and to another, and pretty soon he was in Geneva having meetings about improving water systems that would ultimately change the course of his life; and through a sustained period of grit and determination, would more importantly change others too.

From that point, we set out to find a new way to take control and harness the resource, make it more secure, cost-effective and accessible for all. Waterkeys® is a product built with a resilient and determined humanitarian spirit, enabling more efficient water management through remote monitoring technology for virtually any water application. It’s not pipes or distribution, but interconnectivity and management control through a wireless data network for a scattered and decentralized need spanning a vast geographical landscape. Imagine casting an invisible net of touch points throughout an entire global water system. Through that connectivity, Waterkeys® is able to access crucial data for better decisions leading to a more secure and effectively-managed resource required for all humans and their needs.

Waterkeys® is a product developed by Localized Water Solutions, Inc.