Waterkeys Access

We’re driven to solve the world’s water burden, which exists across all types of water systems around the world, and tragically leaves 780 million people without access to safe drinking water.

Clean water is a fundamental human need that should be accessible to all, and the demand is immediate, mission-critical and inelastic. Currently, countries across the world are responding to a thirst problem – relying on short term fixes rather than long term innovative solutions. 

Unlocking Access To Water

Waterkeys® was created to provide sustainable solutions to the issues plaguing existing decentralized water management systems. By allowing water to be managed in a way that hasn’t been possible until now, Waterkeys® is unlocking access to safe drinking water across the globe. Waterkeys® bridges a critical infrastructure gap, allowing water systems to be developed from deficiency into robust effectiveness. We do this through a convergence of:

  • Remote Sensoring Technology
  • Real-time Date Analytics
  • Mobile and Web Applications

Connectivity Is Key

Waterkeys® enables more efficient water management through remote monitoring and mapping technology for virtually any water application. It’s not pipes or distribution, but interconnectivity and management control through a wireless data network for a scattered and decentralized need spanning a vast geographical landscape. Imagine casting an invisible net of touch points throughout an entire global water system. Through that connectivity, Waterkeys® is able to access crucial data for better decisions leading to a more secure and effectively-managed resource required for all humans and their needs.

Turnkey Access to Data

Waterkeys® cuts the amount of time needed to access valuable data from hours to minutes or even seconds. Our customers have broad management of their water assets and perspectives across a large geographic area, in real-time. Waterkeys® simplifies multiple data points across a broad region versus focusing on one location with intense over-analytics.