How It Works

The combination of low-cost, intelligent I/O hardware, a cloud-based data management architecture and an easy-to-use interface is specifically designed to remotely monitor multiple water points on a mass decentralized scale across a vast geographic area.

Our proprietary technology is opened-sourced, allowing for flexibility and compatibility with virtually all water system and sensor manufacturers, enabling integration and interconnectivity across otherwise separated water systems in different locations.

Waterkeys technology provides automated real-time water system measurements, including flow rate, pressure, temperature as well as various water quality measurements like pH, TDS, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen. Our technology also offers the ability to remotely operate systems controls including on/off, back flush, valve shut-off.   Automated and customizable alerts notify administrators immediately about water system issues or conditions of importance. 

Waterkeys Capabilities:

  • Interconnection and monitoring of water assets 
  • Water treatment system monitoring and diagnostics (pressure, volume, operational control and water quality)
  • Water pipeline management (leakage awareness)
  • Reservoir, lake and river measurements
  • Agricultural and conservational water management
  • Oil and gas and industrial uses
  • Expeditionary water awareness, management and security
  • Measurement of ancillary water system inputs such as energy and chemical usage
  • Predictive analytics to help ease the cost & time investment into managing your customers