Oil & Gas

According to Oil & Gas 360:

“…the major U.S. shale basins are producing 6.039 MM barrels of oil per day combined. Looking at the typical water cuts in each basin tracked by the USGS, and looking at the oil produced from each basin, it’s reasonable to assume that between 15-20 million barrels of water are being produced every day from the major onshore U.S. shale basins. The National Energy Technology Laboratory reports that water production from the U.S., including (1) the major onshore shale basins, and (2) Alaska, and (3) the Gulf of Mexico, is roughly 57 million barrels per day.” With the oil and gas industry producing so much water, production monitoring it is top priority.”

Waterkeys® provides real-time and historic data and analysis with customized reporting that provides immediate operational insight and early warnings for system fouling. Our system also provides communication through wireless satellite, radio or manual/USB protocol and can be encrypted for high-security needs.

Our proprietary system cuts the amount of time needed to access valuable data from hours to minutes or even seconds. Our customers have broad management of their water assets and perspectives across a large geographic area, in real-time. Waterkeys® simplifies multiple data points across a broad region versus focusing on one location with intense over-analytics.

Water flow metering and monitoring is automated with volume trending transparency, so our customers can reduce water waste.
We provide water administrators the ability to better track usage for flow management, identifying peaks and valleys. This data can be viewed at any time increment to better understand usage trends.