Public & Private Municipality

Waterkeys® bridges a critical infrastructure gap, allowing water systems to be developed from deficiency into robust effectiveness. In particular, Waterkeys® allows public and private municipalities to detect weaknesses in systems including real-time water quality measurements, loss of pressure and flow rates from water leakage and illegal water tapping as well as providing other mission critical data. We do this through a convergence of:

  • Remote Sensoring Technology
  • Real-time Date Analytics
  • Mobile and Web Applications

Waterkeys® allows clients to gain immediate, real-time insight into problem locations as informed by data trends specific to geographic location. Waterkeys® offers a low-cost and noninvasive system that interconnects fragmented water systems to benefit communities struggling to provide clean, safe water for everyone. By providing remote monitoring and centralized interconnectivity among multiple water locations (1:1000+), Waterkeys® provides a high value multiple / ROI for its customers.