Waterkeys Safety

Waterkeys® provides safety. A responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Whether we are keeping proprietary data secure, monitoring for a contaminated water supply, or flagging water siphoning threats, safety is of utmost importance and urgency.

We keep water safe through:

Data Security

Waterkeys® provides for safe, effective oversight via either mobile device or standard web application. 

Water Quality

Among many benefits of our remote monitoring, our automated water quality testing allows for significant water security with low systems oversight costs. This modular technology operates with both old and new equipment, maximizing ROI on future and historic capital expenditures.

  • Automated water quality security
  • Water quality trending transparency
  • Reduction of on-site manual testing
  • Reduction of sickness and social angst

Smart Metering

Our smart metering mapping software allows clients to gain real time insight into water problem locations, informed by data trends specific to geographic location. Our smart metering data can be sorted in various forms to help simplify management and administration. We provide water administrators the ability to better track usage for flow management, identifying peaks and valleys, as well as, address vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.