Waterkeys Control

Waterkeys® offers water administrators control through:

Efficiency and Savings

Water flow metering and monitoring is automated with volume trending transparency, so our customers can reduce water waste. We provide water administrators the ability to better track usage for flow management, identifying peaks and valleys. This data can be viewed at any time increment to better understand usage trends.

Predictive Prevention of Reactionary Responses

With deep detailed attention paid to granular pieces of customer systems, Waterkeys® utilizes smarter software to help administrators better utilize and maintain their equipment. 


  • Component oversight
  • Reductions of equipment fouling
  • Water supply management

Customizable and Flexible System Offerings

The base Waterkeys® platform doesn’t burden water administrators with multiple functions that they don’t need. Rather, it allows them upgradability if and when it is needed. Our sensor agnostic software offers greater flexibility in terms of functional application and cost barriers can be lowered significantly for customers to improve their water management and visibility.

Hierarchical Data Access / Control

Waterkeys® system can be managed through it’s “hierarchical” data viewing and system editing functionality which allows administrators ability to provide specific data (geographic or other) to selected individuals, while opening other data and/or system editing specifically to others. This dynamic functionality allows for personnel grouping and data filtering for the most effective management of dynamic water systems with multiple management layers and stakeholders.